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We came here from New Jersey 3 years ago for one reason...

To bring the beautiful people of Michigan AUTHENTIC BAGELS! We do bagels right: Hand-Rolled, Kettle-Boiled, & Baked on burlap-covered planks in a 600 Degree oven. All of our preparation is done directly on-site in order to ensure the highest level of quality, and we use only the most proper ingredients in order to maintain our products' integrity. We urge you to come in and try any and all of our menu offerings; we promise, you will NOT be disappointed. We look forward to being a part of this wonderful community!

Our Unique Process

Our 18-hour bagel-making process begins with a slow, controlled mix, ensuring that the dough will properly proof and have that perfect, bagel consistency. After being removed from the mixer, the dough is cut into strips and meticulously hand-rolled by one of our master rollers.

Baking with Care

Following a slow, low-temperature proofing session that ranges anywhere from 12-14 hours, the bagels are briefly boiled in a high-temperature kettle. After seeds and other toppings are added, the bagels begin their 600 °F bake on Burlap-Covered planks, being flipped off the planks halfway through the baking process and finishing on hot baking stones.

Our Expertise

We hope that our team’s 30 years of bagel store and deli experience will allow us to serve this community well. We look forward to bringing a true, hand-rolled, kettle-boiled bagel to you!

Our Menu

The Jersey Bagel menu is full of a wide array of deli meats, hand-crafted cream cheeses, gourmet salads, spreads, and the finest smoked fish.

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